Sketches for Weekly Office Yoga from Zac SacBe
Sketches for This Week’s Episode


  1. Arms Out, Legs Wide Stretch One Side Back to Center Stretch to Other Side
  2. Arms Crossed, Legs Wide Cross Arms Opposite Direction
  3. Place Ankle on Opposite Foot (Seated) Bend Forward Repeat with Opposite Foot
  4. Shake!

Nine Breath

  1. Sitting, Place One Hand in Fist, Wrap Hand with Other Fist
  2. Place Hands Beneath Sternum and Press Slightly Up and In
  3. Inhale Through Nose Sit Up Tall
  4. Exhale Bend Forward
  5. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for Nine (9) Breaths
  6. On Final Breath Inhale and Hold Breath
  7. Squeeze Center of Head and Face Muscles
  8. Swallow
  9. Squeeze Belly Muscles
  10. Bring One Hand Over Mouth and Exhale as Softly and Slowly as PossibleRepeat 3 Times


  • Sit Tall and Relaxed
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Let Your Breathing Be Natural
  • As Thoughts and Feelings Arise, Let Them Go
  • Sit Quietly for a Few Minutes
  • For the Last Minute, Focus on This Meditation: “I forgive X because it did not take my true Peace away”

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  1. Love these they help a lot!

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