Office Yoga Sketches Zac SacBe
Sketches of Today’s Session


  • Arms Crossing Forward
    • Arms straight out front
    • Alternate crossing
    • Close eyes
    • Open eyes right when arms cross
  • Arms Crossing Side
    • Arms out to side, palms out
    • Alternate crossing in front of chest
    • Close eyes
    • Open eyes right when arms cross
  • Should Rolls
    • Close eyes
    • Open right when shoulders are at highest
  • Neck Rolls
  • Side Twists
  • Moving Side Twists
    • After a while just open eyes when facing the side
  • Leg Stretch
    • Place foot on chair, table or against chair leg
    • Breath deep
    • Slightly bend forward with back straight
    • Repeat with other leg
  • Criss Cross Legs
    • Sit in chair
    • Legs out straight, toes pointed
    • Alternate crossing legs
    • Close eyes
    • Open right when legs cross


10 In Breath

  • Take 10 short inhalations (should fill your lungs completely)
  • Hold your breath and squeeze
  • One long breath out
  • Repeat

10 Out Breath

  • Take one long full breath in
  • Do 10 short exhalations (should completely empty breath from body)
  • Hold breath out and squeeze
  • Repeat

Holding Your Breath

  • Take a long breath in
  • Take 2 more short breaths to completely fill body with air
  • Hold as long as possible. 30 seconds min / 1+ minute is great!


Today we did a thought and emotion observing meditation.  Watch as thoughts and emotions arise.  As they arise watch them, send a prayer of peace and love and let it go.  This helps obtain an “observer” role.