Sketch of Today's Exercises
Sketch of Today’s Exercises


  1. Interlacing fingers facing out, stretch arms forwards then overhead.
  2. Interlace fingers facing out behind your back, bend forward bringing arms up overhead
  3. Interlace fingers the other way and repeat
  4. Exhale, squat down with arms out. Inhale stand up on tip toes. Repeat a few times, breathing deep
  5. Stand legs a little more than shoulder width apart. Bend one knee, straightening the other and bring the hand above your bent knee up over your head. Then shift to doing the other side. Alternate back and forth while breathing deep
  6. Shake the body and bounce on the feet. Dance if you like. Shake lightly alternating bringing arms above the head. Adapt as you like 🙂


Today we are doing a hypoxia breathing technique that temporarily lowers the level of oxygen in the body. This helps to strengthen our cells and help us deal better with stress.

  1. To start, inhale to 20% of your full capacity
  2. Then exhale 80% of the air
  3. Then inhale to 20% of your capacity
  4. And exhale 80% of your air
  5. Continue this with your eyes closed or partially closed for a few minutes


Today we practice a mantra style meditation where we repeat a phrase either aloud or in our minds.

  1. First, take a few breaths and clear your mind a bit of the stresses of life
  2. Then begin repeating “I am Calm. I am Beautiful.” For beginning meditators, repeating aloud is recommended
  3. Let your breath flow naturally and continue the mantra
  4. As your mind wanders, bring it back to focusing on the mantra
  5. Put in an effort to really believing what you are saying

Mantras help focus the mind, so feel free to repeat the mantra as needed throughout the day.