About Office Yoga TV

Office Yoga is a series of stretching, breathing and meditation exercises you can do in an office setting without special clothes or a yoga mat.

Office Yoga does not require flexibility or strength.  It should feel comfortable while you are practicing it and after you finish. 

Taking breaks to stretch, breath and meditate have been shown to have positive effects on your mood, production levels and overall health and well being.

About Zac SacBe

With a background in teaching and long time love for yoga, I have had a wonderful time teaching yoga at classes, festivals, workshops and temples. My influences include Iyengar, Kundalini, Qi Gong and modern Breathwork. Of course there is the Kirtan too 😉

My interest in office yoga came from teaching yoga in work place environments and to ranges of ages and abilities. What I have found is that most everyone who is working can benefit from a little stretching, breathing and meditating.

Learn more about my healing and channeling work on my personal site.