About Office Yoga TV

Office Yoga is a generic term that refers to doing Yoga exercises in an office setting without special clothes or a yoga mat.

Office Yoga does not require flexibility or strength.  It should feel comfortable while you are practicing it and after you finish.  If you have concerns, please ask or consult your health practitioner.
Office Yoga Alternative Nostril Breathing with Zac SacBe
Office Yoga Also Involves Breathing Exercises

Taking breaks to stretch, breath and meditate (all aspects of Office Yoga) have been shown to have positive effects on your mood, production levels and overall health.

About Zac SacBe

Hi!  Some of you may know me as “Zac Gordon” from my professional work teaching WordPress and web development.  I am also a trained and experienced Yoga teacher.

In Yoga circles I often go by SacBe (sounds like ‘Sock Bay’) part of my spirit name.  You can read a bit more about my background with Yoga here.