For Calming Anxiety

In this class we focus on some movements, breathing and a meditation to help reduce anxiety. Start with shoulder rolls and should shrugs. Then do some neck rolls. Then we stand up and doing a series of movements where you pull your hands apart with […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This simple, but powerful breathing exercise helps to balance both sides of the brain, calm the nervous system, and help aid clarity of mind and being. Block the right nostril with a finger. Inhale through the left nostril for 5 seconds. Hold the breath for […]

Breath of Fire

This is a classic yoga breathing technique used for increasing oxygen flow to the body, increasing energy through the spine, strengthening the core, and much more. Pump the navel in slightly as you exhale a short but full breath through your nose. Relax the navel […]

Belly Breathing

In this exercise we learn how to breath deeply into and from the belly. This breath is great for centering yourself and re-finding your connection to power and source. It is also incredibly helpful for healthy digestive systems.

Hypoxia Breath 20% In 80% Out

This breath takes us into a state of hypoxia that is excellence for strengthening cellular life, immune response, concentration and much more. Inhale to 20% of your capacity. Then exhale 80% of your breath. Again, inhale to 20% of your capacity. Exhale 80% of your […]

Four Part Breath

This breathing exercise lets us bring extra breath into parts of the body we do not usually inhale deeply into. Breath in through your nose in four separate breaths, pausing between each inhale. Then hold your breath. Finally, exhale through your nose in four parts.